The Courage Consort

  • Título: The Courage Consort
  • Autor: Michel Faber
  • Editorial: Canongate Books
  • ISBN: I 84I95 226 5
  • Nº de Páginas: 121


With his elegant prose, distinctive imagination, and deep empathy, the bestselling author of The Crimson Petal and the White once again dazzles us in three novellas. «The Courage Consort» tells of an a capella vocal ensemble sequestered in a Belgian chateau to rehearse a monstrously complicated new piece. But competing artistic temperaments and sexual needs create as much discordance as the avant garde music. In «The Hundred and Ninety-Nine Steps,» a lonely woman joins an archaeological dig at Whitby Abbey and unearths a mystery involving a long-hidden murder. In «The Fahrenheit Twins,» strange children, identical in all but gender and left alone at the icy zenith of the world by their anthropologist parents, create their own ritual civilization.

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